Dental Implants

Think of dental implants like artificial tooth roots. If you’ve lost a tooth, instead of just replacing the visible part (the crown), you can also replace the root. This new “root” is a small post made of metal, which then holds the replacement tooth. This makes your new tooth feel more natural and stable

Mini implants for denture stabilization

These are smaller versions of regular dental implants. They’re used mainly to help hold dentures in place. They help prevent the dentures from slipping when you talk or eat and can make wearing dentures more comfortable since they’re more stable. Also, they are less invasive due to their size, placing them usually involves a simpler procedure. For patients with tori in the mouth, mini-implants are a good choice since dentures do not need to be extended for retention


Standard Implants for Single Tooth Replacement

This is the most common type of implant. It’s used when you’re replacing just one missing tooth. They feels and functions like your natural tooth. Can last many years, sometimes even a lifetime, with proper care.  No effect on adjacent teeth

Implant Bridge for Multiple Missing Teeth

When you’re missing several teeth in a row, instead of getting an implant for each one, you can get a couple of implants to hold a bridge (a set of replacement teeth) in place.

Implants make the bridge more stable and durable.  Helps in preventing jawbone loss which happens when you lose teeth. Makes it easier to speak and chew food, just like with your natural teeth